Direct Primary Care-Affordable Health Care For Your Family


Patient + Provider = Direct Primary Care

Daisy Family Health in Phoenix, is giving you what you deserve as a member. 

-The patient load is kept crowded waiting rooms

-Your appointment is at 1:30pm? We see you at 1:30pm

-You benefit from same day/next day appointments 

-Extended 30 minutes appointments 

-Your choice of appointment, in office, telemedicine, or we can come to you.  

There are many "included" services, negotiated at cost testing and lab services. 

 Providing The Best Medical Care in Phoenix!


"Your Health Is Personal"

Not only treating your existing conditions, let's work hard to prevent illness from occurring. Although you cannot change your genetic makeup, you deserve to have an improvement on your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible.  

Teaching YOU how to be your best YOU

Mental and physical health go hand in hand in the prevention world. 

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Membership Fees are you would expect

$50 enrollment fee per household


Child w/Parent $10/mo Click Here To Add

Child Only is $50/mo Click Here For Child Only

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full comprehensive physical


When is the last time you put on a gown and got a complete head to toe checkup? 

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hey college kid...we got you


You get the same benefits...up to age 23

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We will only be accepting 500 members!

Please contact us at 602.314.6960

Daisy Family Health, LLC

4150 West Peoria Avenue, Suite 121, Phoenix, Arizona 85029

Same Day Appointments Available

There are several ways we are available to our members, not just an office visit. 

We are available  by phone, text, email, patient portal, and virtual visits.