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Mrs. Angela Davis-Taylor, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Hello, I am Angie, family nurse practitioner. I am nationally certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. I am excited to dedicate myself to you and your family. I've been taking care of people since 1994 and this starting by working in Alzheimers care units, and group homes with autism and downs syndrome. I then ventured into the hospital environment, working in medical-surgical, telemetry, critical care, oncology, pre-anesthesia care, and post-anesthesia care. Most of my career as a registered nurse was taking care of critically ill adults. As a family nurse practitioner, my experience is in family health ages 0-99 and adult pain management.

I am a mother of 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren. God gave me a second chance at love, so I am a newlywed, and I feel so blessed. I am also blessed to have both my parents, five siblings, a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and so forth. Being from Ohio, many of my family members are back home.

I came to Arizona for the weather in 2007...yeah buddy!!

Taking Care of people is all I know, it is my gift, given from God!

I enjoy seeing people get better and feel better.

I also enjoy helping others stay healthy, this is a challenge in America, with our fast paced lives. Helping you stay healthy will help me stay healthy. I am blessed to be your provider and will give you the best care imaginable. This stems from my time working with cancer patients for over 5 years, I've learned so much about compassion, caring, and going above and beyond. 

All of the qualities already within me were enhanced. 

I became saddened when learning of so many people who do not have insurance or have thousands of out of pocket cost before meeting a deductible. I met a patient who had a $5000 deductible, all cost before the deductible was out of pocket. This usually means the patient will not seek care to stay healthy and prevent diseases, and will only seek care during an absolute life threatening emergency, which is sad. 

Being a member allows our patients to pay one monthly cost and gain unlimited visits to stay well, along with being taken care of when ill. We do recommend having healthcare coverage for a major medical incident (such as a HealthShare). 

We can discuss helping you find various programs. 

Our goal is to bring you exceptional care at a low monthly cost, along with wholesale labs, wholesale testing, and, wholesale medications. 

Remember...Your Health is Personal! 

I would be honored at the opportunity to partner with you. 

Daisy Family Health is here to provide our Members: 

Medical Care in Phoenix!

Great Health Care in Phoenix!

Urgent Care In Phoenix!

I am limited to 500 Patients!!

We believe in keeping the patient load small, once I am at capacity, there will be a waiting list for me :)

We do plan to have another provider as we grow