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As a member, you have exclusive access to visits as often as you need it. When you come in the clinic, talk to the provider on the phone, or do a video visit with the provider, you do not pay a co-pay. 

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Book a session at Daisy Family Health

Hey Daisy Member...Book Your Session Here

Here you can book a session for a follow up well visit, sick visit, lab draw, B12 injection, Super B injection, IV nutrition, weight loss (you must sign up for a weight loss program before scheduling a weight loss visit) (it's toward the bottom of the page). 

Daisy Patient Portal

Daisy Family Health Patient Portal

Innovative and Simple Portal

You can do so much in the portal. Request a session, send a message, view any programs you are in, add food and mood journals. 

Daisy Family Health Patient Portal

View Your Information

You can view any documents shared with you. View protocols, forms, check your task. 

Daisy Family Health Patient Portal

Get Daily Recommendations

When you log in the portal you will have some inspiration. Like, no electronics in the bedroom, take a relaxing bath, get to bed by 10pm, get outside daily. We like to send you little tidbits of encouragement. You can also view upcoming sessions. 

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On Demand Virtual Visits For Members

Need Virtual Care?

Get the hale app for Daisy Family Health Members

Hey Daisy Member, if you need medical care, but do not need to come in, tell us what's wrong. This app will ask you a series of questions and send us the information. 

Do not worry, your information is secure. 

You Must be Invited as a Daisy Member

Get the hale app for Daisy Family Health patients.

A smart phone is required, app is available on the apple store of google play. We invite all new members. Check your junk mail. You should also recieve a text message. If you never got an invite, send us a message to let us know. 

Members Earn $10 For Every Referral


Refer 6 people...Get $60 (covers your membership)

You can use your Daisy Dollars however you like. You get $10 for every referral. You can use it on your membership cost, medications, vitamins, homeopathy, lab work, IV nutrition, weight loss....its up to you.