This is Important

We are Transparent

Daisy Family Health has established a straight-forward, simple payment solution for our patients to receive high-quality healthcare at affordable prices.

Each household is charged a one-time $50 enrollment fee. We only charge ONE enrollment fee per family (so 1-2 adult + 1-4 children = $50 enrollment fee).

Children from ages 0-18 should have a parent or guardian who is a member. (Minors enrolled without an adult family member are $50/month). With a parent it's a lot cheaper ($10). 

Additional charges may apply for procedures, tests, labs, etc. Those costs will be discussed with the patient before administration.

If needed, 2 house or work calls per year are included in the membership price. Any house calls in excess of the 2 visits are $50 for each visit. 

Unlimited Virtual Visits are included in your membership as well. 

If it is something that can wait until normal business hours, please send us a message via the patient portal. 

How We Collect Payment

Membership is Prepaid and Payment is required monthly. 

You may also pay annually and save 10%.

We do not charge visit  ‘co-pays’...only extra cost is for procedures/test

We accept most major debit cards, credit cards, HSA, as long as it has visa/master logo

Automatic Billing is required.

If 30 days pass without payment, a warning notice is issued, and a $10 late fee is assessed. With 60-90 days without payment the membership is terminated without option to renew, unless you pay for the entire year up front.

Prescription medication, labs and imaging are available to members at our cost plus shipping/handling and taxes (usually 10%-15%)

A membership with Daisy Family Health does not constitute health insurance. We recommend a health share, catastrophic plan or high deductible plan at minimum. This will help if you shall ever need to be hospitalized or have a surgery.

We understand that your needs may change, and we want to help you through whatever transitions you're making. If you need to cancel,  a 30 day notice is required. If you sign up for a annual term and decide to cancel, your remaining balance less the current month and any carried over balance will be deducted, you will be refunded without a hassle.