About Daisy Family Health


People Who Truly Care About Your Well Being

When you come to Daisy Family Health, you will be cared for by everyone, from the Medical Assistant, Secretary, Office Manager and the  Nurse Practitioner. We are all here for you. Our Nurse Practitioner follow the nursing model when providing care to you, focusing on the whole body and mind. Prevention of diseases is our  primary focus. 

At daisy, you will be able to enjoy taking classes, having your lab work drawn right here, common medications available in house. 

As a member, you will not be charged a copay for visits. 

This is just a fraction of the benefits available as a member of Daisy


Daisy's Future

The plan is to have two providers. Each provider will be limited to 500 patients max. With all of the services that are offered at Daisy Family Health, we cannot accommodate a large patient load. 

We also plan to offer other at cost services, such as massage therapy, physical therapy, coaching, nutrition services and more


What is a Nurse Practitioner (NP)?

What is an NP you ask?
Our NP's are nationally certified and state-licensed medical professionals. NP's are licensed to diagnosis and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, develop treatment plans, counsel on preventative care and write prescriptions. In Arizona we are allowed to practice independently. 

The NP is the medical provider who will be examining and treating you. At Daisy Family Health, we are fully aware of our capabilities as well as limitations and have physicians that are available to us for collaboration, and consultation if required. We also have access to many specialist. 

An Overview of Nurse Practitioners?

Videos explains what a Family Nurse Practitioner is. 

Our main focus is prevention and wellness.