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Because we are a small company here at Daisy Family Health, we  understand first hand the critical nature that financial expenditures have on the viability of your company. You spend a great deal of your resources on having quality employees. Although they are a major component of your expense sheet, they are also your greatest assets. You need their productivity at a cost that meets both their individual financial needs and your company’s bottom line.

Unfortunately, the healthcare landscape in our region is becoming more complex, regulated and expensive. Intricate government mandates are requiring more of your time and dollars to verify that you are meeting health insurance guidelines for employers. Insurance premiums continue to escalate causing both employers and employees to choose health insurance plans with higher deductibles to reign in their insurance premium expenses. It’s enough to make you want to close shop.

For Your Employees

We Can Help

Despite the complicated healthcare market place, Daisy Family Health has designed a simple membership to help you help your employees. Offered to companies at 10% off of our regular low pricing.

We have designed a straightforward membership plan for you, your employees’ and their families' primary healthcare needs. Starting at $50 per month any one of your employees can have as many visits as medically necessary to Daisy Family Health each year. 

This fee covers  yearly physicals, sick visits, well visits, very low cost common lab tests and medications. At cost drug screening for members, labs drawn at our office, medications available at our office. 

There is a one-time $100 enrollment fee per company (not per employee).

Same Day or Next Day Appointments

More Details

For a very low cost, our membership plan provides you and your employees the ability to access our healthcare team without having to worry about co-pays, deductibles and visit limits. Many health problems and medication refills can be managed with a simple phone call, email, text or telemedicine visit thereby eliminating time off work for an unnecessary office visit. 

Catastrophically Speaking

A Good Combination

We expect that your employees, who may have elected high deductible (catastrophic) type health insurance plans, will be very pleased with their choice when it is combined with our membership plan. Daisy Family Health can provide day-to-day services while a high deductible insurance plan (HDIP) can help limit the enormous expenses of a major event. High deductible health insurance plans usually have 20-50% lower premiums than low-deductible (“co-pay”) type plans. When these “HDIP” plans are combined with a Daisy Family Health membership, we expect that employees will receive high quality primary care services in addition to their catastrophic health insurance at a significantly lower monthly out-of-pocket cost than with a typical high cost premium plan.

On the other hand, your company may have the prerequisite financial resources and a third party administrator willing to pursue a self-funded health plan. Combined with Daisy Family Health business memberships, a self-funded plan will probably be the most cost-effective healthcare solution available to your business.

Working It Out

The Process

Most companies who utilize Daisy Family Health subsidize or completely fund Daisy Family Health memberships for their employees. As part of a comprehensive employee benefit package, a Daisy Family Health membership will provide primary and preventative healthcare services while a low premium health insurance plan will cover catastrophic events. Alternatively, our low monthly membership fee could be set up as a payroll deduction with an automatic withdrawal from your employees' paychecks to provide zero cost to your business (other than the one-time $100 registration fee).

Do You See It?

The Value

That’s what we consider a value-added employer benefit. Improved healthcare with less time off work should lead to enhanced productivity at less expense to you, your employees and your business. We will help you protect the most important and valuable component of your business…your employees.

If you have any more questions about how our membership plan might benefit your company, please reach out to us at 602.314.6960, fill the form below, or e-mail us at

Contact us via email for an enrollment packet. 

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By Appointment

Business Member Benefits

Additional Information

Below is a list of care options Daisy Family Health members receive.
There are no contracts, you can cancel at anytime, please give a 30 day notice. Because we only accept a certain amount of members per provider. Giving the 30 day notice will allow us the time to notify our waitlist patients.  There are no cancellation fees or refunds. 

If a business decides to cancel, a $200 enrollment fee per business would be required to re-enroll

Exams and Visits:

  • Annual Physical Exam-Included 
  • Acute/Sick Visits-Included
  • Well Child Visits-Included
  • Telemedicine Visits-Included 
  • House Visits-Within 25 miles-2 Visits Per Year Are Included ($50 thereafter)
  • Same day & next day visits-Included 
  • Weekend/After Hours text, email and phone-Included 
  • Sports Physicals-Included
  • Mission Physicals-Included
  • Work Physicals-Included (any test or labs required are at wholesale pricing)
  • DOT Physicals-Coming Soon-Included (any test or labs required are at wholesale pricing)
  • Phone Visit (when your traveling)-Included
  • Pap Smears-Included Service-Add $35 for Cancer Screening add another $50 for HPV testing)
  • Wellness Planning-Included 
  • Weight Management-Included 
  • Diabetes Management-Included (wholesale medication cost if needed)
  • Hypertension Management-Included (wholesale medication cost if needed)
  • Hyperlipidemia Management-Included (wholesale medication cost if needed)
  • Mental Health/Wellness-Included
  • Hospital Follow-Up-Included
  • Pre-Operative Examinations-Inlcuded (required labs and testing are at wholesale cost)
  • We manage chronic pain and/or chronic anxiety, but not with narcotics or benzodiazepines.

Our members get a one-time free hcg, strep, glucose and urinalysis!
Tests/Vaccines: Not comprehensive

  • CBC $6
  • CMP $9
  • Lipid Panel $15
  • Hemoglobin A1C $15
  • PSA $9
  • Testosterone (total and free) $24
  • Thyroid Panel (includes T3, T3 uptake, T4, free T4 and TSH)
  • TSH only $14
  • LH $6
  • FSH $6
  • Estradiol $10.86
  • Vitamin D $35
  • Celiac Disease Panel $70
  • PT/INR $3.50
  • Annual Flu shot $20-$25 (this fall)
  • PPD/TB Test $15 (includes reading)
  • MMR Titers $39
  • Varicella Titer $24
  • Hepatitis B Titer $15
  • 12 panel drug screen $15
  • Urine Pregnancy Test $5 (first one included)
  • Urinalysis $5 (first one included)
  • B12 $15
  • Toradol Shot $4.87
  • IV Hydration $25 (plan to spend 2 hours in office)
  • IV Vitamin Infusion $50 (plan to spend 2 hours in office)
  • Sick Remedy $60 (includes vitamin infusion, nausea medication and pain/inflammation medication via IV) (plan to spend 2 hours in office)
  • Other Labs at negotiated cost; saving you 40-50%. 
  • X-ray $35 per view
  • CT (per part, ex. abdomen) without contrast $200, With contrast $250, With and Without contrast $300
  • MRI (per part, ex. lumbar spine) without contrast $350, With contrast $400, With and Without contrast $450
  • Breast MRI $550
  • EKG $25
  • Echocardiogram $125-$200 (we have 2 agencies we work with, so it will be your choice) 
  • Ultrasound $70-$200, depends on body part. 
  • AAA evaluation $75
  • Screening Mammogram $100-$125
  • Diagnostic Mammogram (one side) $150
  • Diagnostic Mammogram (both sides) $175
  • Dexa Scan $75
  • CT Cardiac Score $75
  • CT Lung Screening $150
  • Other Xray/Imaging at negotiated cost; saving you 40-50%

Procedures: Our Services is included-Cost is for supplies run $10-$20

  • Toenail removal $15
  • Wart removal $15
  • Mole removals $15 ($25 if cautery)
  • Cyst removals $15 ($25 if cautery)
  • Skin tag removal $15 
  • Skin biopsy -(additional $$ for pathology, usually $65-$75) 
  • Foreign Body Removal- if safe
  • Trigger Point Injections $15
  • Minor laceration repairs $15 ($30 for dermabond)
  • Splinting  
  • Pathology FEE for removed skin lesions varies, generally $65-$75 wholesale pricing

Prescriptions/OTC Medication/Creams and More:We have some common medications in house, this will save you a trip to the pharmacy and often save you up to 70% off normal cost.
Sample medications Include:

  • Lisinopril 10mg ($2.90 for 3 month supply, if taking 1/day
  • Metformin 500mg ($2.90 for 3 months, if taking 1/day)
  • Antibiotics
  • Other prescription  drugs low negotiated cost; often <65% billed cost. 
  • Please allow 1 week for new and rare medications that we do not normally carry.

Newton Homeopathy Now Available!

We can also assist with prescription program assistance applications. 

Please allow 1 week for new and rare medications that we do not normally carry. 

If we cannot get your medication, we also have goodrx cards for our members, along with other ways to help you save

Cost for any supplies, medications, lab work, or in house testing must be paid for at time of service or within 30 days.  

These Services Are For Our Members Only

What We Cannot Do: 

We do not provide care during pregnancy, we can refer you to a provider capable that can discount their services for cash paying clients. 

We can do care after delivery including getting to know your baby, post-partum blues, family dynamics and breast feeding. 

We do not manage chronic pain. If this is a part of your health care we will manage your other concerns and coordinate pain related care with a pain professional. We do not carry any narcotic pain medications or other controlled substances in our clinic and do not routinely prescribe them.

At this time we do not have on-site routine immunizations. This is because these are available at a low-cost at pharmacies and free at our local health department. We can review CDC immunization recommendations with you.

We do not function as the attending provider when our patients are in the hospital. This means we do not write the orders, do the billing or ‘call the shots’. We will provide records, discuss your care by phone, fax or email, with your permission. We will be there for you when you are discharged for a follow up visit.

Although the list above is not comprehensive, we do not perform major surgery or provide any services beyond the realm of our training and national certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. When you need such services, we will happily refer you to a capable provider who can advance your care. 


Business Membership Cost

Your Employer Can Save You 10%


Adults 19-50


Includes your annual physical and all visits needed throughout the year. Say you need a physical for work, you are feeling ill, need a telemedicine visit instead, it's included. 

Adults 50-99


Includes your annual physical and all visits needed throughout the year. Say you need a physical for work, you are feeling ill, need a telemedicine visit instead, it's included. 

Children 0-18

With Parents $9/month

Without Parents $45/month

Includes annual physical and all visits needed throughout the year. Say you need a physical for work, you are feeling ill, need a telemedicine visit instead, it's included.

$100 Employer Annual Fee

 Includes 1 Annual Health Fair-We will come to your business, bring the fun and educate your employees on staying healthy, we will conduct mini well checks on everyone as well.